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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

6 Surprising Things That Don’t Belong in the Bathroom

Towels Neatly Folded in a Linen Closet If you’re like other people, you probably spend an average of 30 minutes to an hour in your bathroom every day. You want to have everything you need conveniently available when conducting your morning and evening bathroom routines. However, what if some of the stuff you’re keeping in the bathroom don’t belong there? By leaving certain things in the wrong place, you could not only be cluttering up your bathroom space but also increase the chances of getting sick from bacteria and mold. To minimize both mess and these risks, here is a list of stuff you should not keep in your bathroom.

1.       Towels and Bathrobe

Numerous persons put their towels in a bathroom cabinet or shelf and hang their bathrobe there, as well. Yet, leaving fabrics in a warm, moist environment like a bathroom could be risky for your health. Damp towels will trap germs and bacteria, which will immediately spread to your skin after using them. The same thing is true for your bathrobe. As a matter of choice, try to keep your clean towels in a linen closet outside the bathroom and store your bathrobe in the bedroom.

2.       Your Toothbrushes

A large number of people put their toothbrushes by the bathroom sink. The primary problem is that every time you flush your toilet, bacteria are scattered up into the air and may land on your toothbrush – which eventually goes in your mouth. When you think about it, it’s quite disgusting. Experts recommend keeping your toothbrush inside a drawer or cabinet, if possible. And close your toilet lid before you flush – every time!

3.       Cosmetics and Nail Polish

You’re possibly storing your makeup and nail polish in the bathroom, but that may not be the best home for them. Cosmetic products degrade rapidly in damp environments, and cosmetic sponges can become a breeding ground for bacteria. Nail polish will also deteriorate faster if prone to temperature swings and humidity. That’s why it’s advisable to store makeup and nail polish in a cool, dry spot, like a bedroom drawer, for illustration.

4.       Your Jewelry

Silver jewelry does not turn out well in moist environments and can tarnish fast when subjected to humid air like that in a bathroom. While gold won’t tarnish, it’s still advisable to keep your jewelry someplace that is both cool and dry from the start. Consider putting your jewelry in a box in a bedroom drawer or your closet.

5.       Prescription Medication

It’s a bit strange how so many households have a medicine cabinet in the bathroom, but you may want to think twice about it. Most medications should be placed somewhere dry in order to stay effective and not expire too fast. Because the bathroom is regularly humid, your medication might go bad or lose effectiveness in a relatively short period. Placing your medications in a kitchen cabinet, out of the reach of small children, is your best option.

6.       Books, Photographs, and Art

Paper and photographs do not fare well in the humid air. Paper will absorb moisture, eventually growing mold if not kept correctly. Plus, this moisture will decay your pictures, leading them to swell and curl prematurely. A humid bathroom will lead to permanent damage to both photos and books; that’s why it’s better to store these items elsewhere in your house.


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